(iDAS), has been providing solutions in the data space 1996. Leaders in hosted application services. iDAS is based in South Africa, and provides solutions throughout the whole African continent.

You can only manage that which you can measure

With the amount of data the companies produce, acquire, access and digest growing three times faster than Moore’s Law. This in itself produces large challenges. Either your data team will grow (and cost) much more than you expect, or you change your technology platform in line with the current trends.

Our Technology platform utilises the full memory stack (L1&2 CPU Cache, RAM, & HDD) with Machine learning to detect anomalies and optimise the database.

With our technology you will become less dependant on human and system resources.

Test Drive

Let us know your current challenges and test drive the technology in your own environment with your own data.


We provide on-premise or web based training for users, analysts and administrators.


In order for you to maximise your investment in our technology we will appoint a consultant to your account to ensure that we continue to delivery relevant content and insights to your organisation.