Data Driven Decision Making

Use your existing data infused on a Sophisticated AI platform to make more informed and strategic business decisions.

Solutions for Simplifying Complex Big Data

Firstly lets define a few things:

Simplify – a single solutions that is an end-to-end solution, with the following Components:

  1. ETL Tool
  2. BI Optimised Database
  3. Interactive HTML Visualisation interface
  4. Push Reporting with anomaly detection
  5. High Level Analytics
  6. Integrated Security

Complex Big Data

  1. Disparate Data Sources from csv to data-lakes, and everything in between.
  2. In excess of 10M rows in any data source
  3. On-premise or in the Cloud

iDAS has the infrastructure, capacity and know-how to meet your requirements.  Solutions can be deployed on-site, in a cloud environment to suite your needs. With out wealth of experience in many industries, we will most certainly bring valuable insights to your business process.

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